A Couple Announcements!!!

Hello All!

I know it has been a long times since I last wrote. That would be due to the busy life I’ve had for the last couple of months. I have wanted to write but haven’t had the time or energy to put down thoughts. Today though I am here to tell you why I have been so busy.

First, I now have a new blog. A couple months back I wrote a post about why I am a feminist. After discussing with another blogger in the comments we were inspired to create a blog specifically surrounding this kind of post. This blog is now up over at tumblr! Read more about it here!

If you are interested in helping me start this blog and this conversation please submit your reasons to this blog and contribute to the mission of this blog. Click here to submit.

Second, I have decided to make the next month a poetry month on this blog! I have a lot of poetry backed up that I haven’t posted and so I will be posting a poem a day on this blog. These poems are close to my heart and I really hope you all will enjoy them. These July Poems start this Wednesday so keep an eye out!


6 thoughts on “A Couple Announcements!!!

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